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Data theft causes businesses costs of several million Euros every year.

tetraguard protects your business against data theft automatically and securely!

tetraguard systems automatically, in the background, safely and discreetly provides all company information, which is not intended for others. The proven tetraguard technology protects data when copying to removable media such as USB memory stick, cameras, CD / DVD, SD cards and others. In addition, tetraguard encrypts data on the hard disk as well as on the network and during the transition to the cloud.

Many established customers from the areas of cities/communities, ministries and industry trust our competence.

  • Made in Germany!
  • Works permanently and invisibly in the background
  • Conventional work processes are retained
  • Without prior knowledge
  • Little administration
  • Intuitive operation / No training nötig
  • Safe 32 and 64 bit kernel mode components
  • No data loss at key loss
  • All components Without backdoors!
  • Extendable by addons like Auditing
  • Alarms and filters
  • Integrated device control
  • Multi-layered key model
  • Full support for virtualization and cloning




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