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The situation is serious, but not hopeless. The solution: tetraguarddevice & more

In December 2003 the Federal Data Protection Commissioner issued a report drawing public attention to the growing problem of corporate data theft. It has helped raise awareness throughout the media. Studies show that the damage faced by German industry came to as much as 7.5 billion euros in 2002 alone. Only 17% of companies suspect that the problem may be in-house. Most companies are apparently unaware that just one single malicious intrusion can cause enormous damage. With access to USB-connected storage media anyone can copy sensitive data in seconds!

"What companies used to keep securely in their safe now lies around unprotected in the company network", reports Karl-Heinz Moewes, a former police superintendent, speaking at a meeting of experts in Munich, "so you shouldn't be surprised at the rapid rise in data theft". And John McCormick, a journalist and analyst specializing in security, sums up the danger from within: "For IT companies the greatest threat is probably someone they know on first name terms". For more see Press (in German only).

And it is certainly not just the big companies that are being hit! Leading-edge small and medium-sized businesses often have specialists with innovative ideas of great interest to competitors. Price lists, strategies and research results are of immense value to other companies, as are client details and accounting data.

This is precisely the point at which the developers at tetraguard can offer a comprehensive solution with tetraguarddevice & more, our novel security software (patent-pending). Thanks to uncrackable encryption rooted in the deepest level of the operating system (e.g. Windows), tetraguarddevice & more guarantees full confidentiality of data. And while preventing illegal data transfer, tetraguarddevice & more does not impair any of the features of a USB interface. This revolutionary software is simple to install. Once it has been set up, tetraguarddevice & more keeps the data confidential without users having to do anything. And as a network expands, this innovative software will automatically adapt.

Get effective data protection with tetraguarddevice & more. This new and innovative security software solution offers - without any additional administrative interventions - full confidentiality at the highest level for you and your data. Click on Examples for some recent cases from companies we have worked with and see just what tetraguarddevice & more can do in practice.