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It happens every day. So be prepared: tetraguarddevice & more

Case 1

Staff working for a medium-sized enterprise copied all its drawings and designs, as well as entire materials lists, supplier details and prices, onto an external USB hard disk and quit the company. They then joined a competitor. Their former company soon suffered a rapid decline in turnover, because its offers were continually being undercut by the competitor. The company had to lay off over a third of its staff in 2003.

Case 2

At another company a member of the sales team was dismissed. Taking all the company's customer and product files, he decided to set up in the same line of business on his own. He even had the nerve to approach his former employer's sales reps abroad in order to obtain better conditions. That led to an appreciable drop in the turnover of his old company.


It is precisely the user-friendly features of modern order control systems (SAP, BaaN, etc.) that enables users to access company data, like customer lists or files on suppliers and products, and copy out all the vital information they contain!

So don't delay! Protect your sensitive data with tetraguarddevice & more!