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tetraguard Technology and Advantages

tetraguard systems effectively protect company networks against information theft and loss of information. They prevent unauthorized or careless issuing or misappropriation of data.

  1. Security zone(s) in companies
    What makes tetraguard a cut above the rest is its approach: it does not impose any restrictions on the exchange of information within a company. You define one or several security zones. Within a security zone you can interchange data as usual. However, an authorization is required for issuing data from a security zone or importing data into it.

  2. Simple use:
    Once you have understood how to use tetraguard you will never want to do without it.

    • Administration:
      All security components and settings are centrally administered at server level, user rights are assigned and new clients are set up using tetraguard security manager's user-friendly graphical user interface. We have kept the installation and configuration simple. There are also tool tips for every setting possibility and a detailed instruction manual.

    • Use:
      Your employees don't have to be specially trained and continue working the way they are used to. No new work steps are necessary for working within a security zone, but security is still always guaranteed. And just one work step is needed for exceptional cases, for instance passing on documents to a client. All you need to do is attach an authorization key.

    • Encryption:
      Encryption is the only way to ensure that data security cannot be manipulated. The user doesn't even notice tetraguard encryption because it is so fast and it doesn't disturb the usual style of working because it automatically runs in the background.

  3. Low maintenance requirements
    Once it has been installed and configured, the configuration software has to be started only in exceptional cases, such as reading in a new authorization key. Updates are carried out on the server. The client computers are automatically updated after that.

  4. Flexible
    Despite the software being so easy to configure, it can also meet more complex data protection requirements. Inbound (importing data) and outbound (exporting data) can be separately configured. For instance, one computer or a group of computers can be authorized for importing data, but not for exporting data.

  5. Protection against manipulation

    • Client software
      tetraguard client installations are protected against manipulation. Implementation at system level and various other security arrangements prevent the client software being manually removed or aborted. Even accidental de-installation by logged-in administrators is prevented. An additional administration key is required for de-installation.

    • Server software
      The configuration software can only be started when the administration key is attached. Thanks to its complete encryption, the database is protected against manipulation. These security measures enable administration and data security to be separated. All administrators can maintain the server. However, with tetraguard only the administrator responsible for data security is able to maintain. This administrator is the only person who has access to the tetraguard software guidelines.

  6. Limited system requirements
    Thanks to the efficient and high-performance implementation, only minimum resources are required for using tetraguard software on both the server and the client side. Older hardware can also be used, and an additional server does not have to be provided.